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Silvana Lovin – Model / Actor / Artist


Silvana Lovin is a highly sought after, vivacious, passionate model and up and coming actress from Melbourne, Australia.

Romanian born, Silvana’s exotic looks have gained her the reputation as the model that never takes a bad picture who is even more beautiful in person – both inside and out.

Most recently Silvana moved to San Diego in the States to further pursue her acting career and be closer to her new husband – Australian Tennis Champion, Mark Philippoussis.

Silvana is currently working on a few acting projects. She has recently been cast in The Muppets…Again Movie in Hollywood and shot for Wilfred The US TV Series alongside Elijah Wood and Jason Gann. She has also been cast in The Holcomb brother’s movie PINBALL; a Melbourne based crime drama, which is a bold
re-telling of Cain and Abel.

Dominating the most prestigious runways and magazines in major cities all over the world, Silvana has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Panama, Auckland, Singapore, Shanghai, London, Hong Kong and China.


Silvana has shot with some of the biggest names in Australian fashion including: J’Aton, Sass & Bide, Camilla and Marc, Scanlan & Theodore, Collette Dinnigan, Toni Maticevski, Lisa Ho, Allanah Hill, Bettina Liano, Josh Goot & International labels such as Oscar De La Renta, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Gucci, Hugo Boss & Chanel.

Definitely a go-getter, Silvana is currently working hard on her first art exhibition. As she points out below, painting is actually her first creative love. I can’t wait to see this other side of her career develop.

To check out some of Silvana’s artwork in the meantime visit her site:




Q & A:

1) You’ve had an interesting and blessed life for such a young woman. It’s been great to watch, and well deserved. You’ve had a successful modeling career and more recently have made some inroads into acting. Which creative pursuit is your biggest love and what has been your biggest success or career achievement so far?

My biggest love and creative pursuit is art. Not many people know this about me but I’ve been painting my whole life! I studied art as a young girl but for the main part of it I was self-taught. This is a career move I’ve only recently started pursuing. Until now I’ve worked as a full time model/actor.

My biggest career achievement so far would have to be shooting a campaign for Oscar Del La Renta in Panama as well as being cast in the Disney classic ‘The Muppets…Again’ movie.

2) You now live in the States with your new husband (a big congrats!) Give us a run down of your new life in the States. A week in the life of Silvana – and do you feel this has changed your creative path and goals? Tell me a bit about this new life experience.

I’m currently living in San Diego, which has a beautiful relaxed vibe to it. It’s a perfect lifestyle for an artist as there’s just so much beauty here. I’m constantly inspired.

I spend my days listening to music & painting as I’m working towards an art exhibition and have also recently started my own little boutique eco friendly greeting card business, which features my artwork. I’m also still modeling/acting. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!

3) How would you describe your particular creative style, and do you feel it has changed over the years as you’ve developed as an artist/creative person?

I’d describe my style as simple/classic/elegant. I tend to stick to the rule that less is always more.

4) You’ve recently been producing a bit of artwork – is this a new career path that we should expect to see more of in the coming years? Are you self-taught in this field? / give us a run down of your artistic style in regards to this creative medium.

I’ve recently picked up painting again, a passion that I’ve had since childhood. It’s my number one priority at the moment as I’m working towards my art exhibition. It’s in my veins so you can definitely expect to see a whole lot more of my work in the coming years. I’d describe my style as abstract with a childlike quality. A little like my personality!

5) What do you love most about your work? / What are the biggest challenges (and new opportunities) for you as a model and up and coming actress in LA?

I love the creative process that’s involved with any job I do. Whether it’s a photo shoot, or runway… It’s always inspiring to watch creative artists working together.

I think the biggest challenge I faced as a young model starting out in the industry was learning to embrace my individuality and to accept that I wasn’t conventional looking and make it work towards my advantage.

I’ve been so grateful to have had some amazing opportunities come up for me as a model/actor in LA starting off with shooting a campaign for Oscar Del La Renta, to a Wella Hair Campaign, to constant work for La Perla and Urban Outfitters. Most recently, being cast in the Disney Classic ‘The Muppets…Again’ movie and filming a part on ‘Wilfred’ the US TV Series. I’m also excited to say that NEXT Model Management as a model/actor/artist now represents me! Exciting times ahead!

6) Mark has recently launched a fashion label called Phlip Apparel. Do you have any creative input into his label as well/help him out with it? Can you give us a bit of a run down on the style and feel of the product and brand and where we it will be stocked.

PHLIP Apparel was officially launched in January this year and has come a long way since then. The label is stocked in some of the most prestigious stores in the US and is growing so quickly! We look forward to launching it in Australia in the near future. I’m so proud of Mark and what he’s achieved. I love being able to support him & love being a part of the creative process too. We’re a team! “PHLIP” is a luxury lifestyle brand designed & made in California. The products are just beautiful!!! I live in my T’s & sweatshirts!

7) What do you do in your down time? What are you creatively or ethically passionate about?

My downtime would include long walks along the beach, as it’s the perfect way to unwind. It also includes watching my favorite TV show: Shark Tank. I don’t watch much TV however I haven’t missed an episode of this show since I’ve started watching it! Its Marks favorite too.

I’m ethically passionate about recycling. I’m a huge advocate for preserving natural resources for future generations. Did you know that 1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt bulb for 3 hours? Or that 70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials? Every little bit counts!

8) Living in California must be a dream lifestyle. Do you see yourself coming back to Melbourne in the future to live, or are you guy’s there for the long haul do you think?

Living in California is definitely a dream lifestyle but Melbourne will always be home. We look forward to moving back there to live sometime in the future. Home is where your family is after all… For now, we’re just making the most of the opportunities we’ve been given here.

9) What’s next for you? Any other interesting projects on the horizon/collaborations or future goals you are yet to achieve?

More modeling mixed in with a little acting and a whole lot of painting. I’m currently working on my art exhibition so keep an eye/ear out for that! I’m also excited to say that I’ll be collaborating with a notebook company to have my artwork featured on their covers and where 5% of all profits will go to charity. I love being able to help in some way. I’ve also recently started my eco friendly greeting card business, which I mentioned earlier, featuring my artwork on the front. You’ll be able to purchase them all via my website at Lovinart. Life’s exciting!