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Kane Skennar – Photographer


Kane Skennar is an Australian born photographer, raised on the northern beaches of Sydney.

His strong conceptual style spans high fashion and portraiture to lifestyle, swimwear and surf labels.

Kane’s strong affinity with surf, music and travel allows him to shoot this subject matter with a sense of both authority and ease, and it is easy to see his love for these specific genres come through in his work.

I have worked with Kane on a few swimwear shoots over the years. He is definitely a master at capturing and setting up a moment that, as the end viewer of the shot, has that critical balance of being sexy, yet commercial, with a slight edge or unique point of view. I have always loved Kane’s style of work. It has a certain rawness and honesty to it – much like Kane himself.

His work has seen him travel all over the world on assignment for various magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Instyle, Madison, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone, Belle, Men’s Health, Karen, Follow, Oyster, Black, Surfing America, Surfing World, Stab, Waves and Tracks.

Kane has also shot for major advertising campaigns such as Toyota, Motorola, Mavi Jeans, Tallow Gallery, Work Out Life, Saxony, Alias Mae, Bonds, Mikoh, Wrangler, Von Zipper, Bassike, Jeans West, Ksubi, Ksubi Eyewear, Kitsune, Jag, Davenport, Table Eight, Supre, Running Bare, Tree of Life, One Teaspoon, Yeojin Bae, 2 Chillies, Heaven, Aqua Blu, Roxy, Arnette, Reef, Quiksilver, Billabong, Insight and General Pants. Phew!

Kane currently works between both the States and Australia and is also working on a few film projects that will be exciting to see come to fruition in the not too distant future. With Kane re-locating to LA in the new year, I look forward to seeing his new body of work with the fresh inspiration and opportunity from his new surrounds.

To view Kane’s work visit –










1) Give me a bit of a background on how you got to where you are today in the fashion photography game i.e. Did you study photography or learn on the job as an assistant? What do you think you may have been if you weren’t a photographer?

I started my journey in photography as an assistant when I was 18 and straight out of school with fashion photographer Adam Watson. He was great at body, lifestyle and swimwear and this is where I got my first experience in what it was to create images in different locations.

I stopped for a while, and then started again at 21 – assisting the late Richard Bailey who I assisted for the next 5 years where I learned and experienced what got me to where I am today.

I was also playing in a heavy rock band while I was assisting and recorded an EP and made rock videos that were on Rage, but I realized that it was a hard slog to make it in music in Australia.

2) How would you personally describe your photographic aesthetic? / do you feel this look has changed over the years as you’ve grown as a creative person?

I’d say my style is very relaxed, portrait based and always observing my subjects in a very personal way.
I like to capture images that move me and that show the deep sense of someone or a certain style. I’m sure my style has refined itself over the years but I still come from the same place visually.

3) Do you have an all time favorite photo that you’ve taken and what’s the story behind it? Do you have an all time favorite photo shot by another photographer?

Ah that’s a hard one… I have a lot of great shots that I favor still, but recently I like the shot in B/W of the subject at the bottom of the waterfall. I shot that for an exhibit for an Australian based label called Saxony. Anyway it was an exhibit image for them and I was given free reign to shoot whatever I wanted. I happened to be in Bali at the time that I wanted to shoot this, so I got a great model friend of mine (Fa Empel) who is very adventurous… We trekked 2 hrs down into the jungles high up in the north of Ubud, Bali to get this shot and it was a pretty powerful moment… I really loved the image. Especially printed at 2mx3m!

4) If you could work on any creative collaboration or job in any country in the world – what would this dream project or shoot look like?

I’d say a shoot where I got to go to some remote island or jungle to shoot either something very cinematic or grand for a fashion label or of some celebrity. I just love traveling to exotic places to create great images of people in them… It’s the processes of getting there, the person you are working with and the overall look and feel of the work that’s new, creative and breathtaking.

5) Who have been your biggest (creative or other) influences in getting you to where you are today?
i.e. Other photographers / designers / artists / editors etc.

I’d say it’s the photographers whose books I have collected and inspired me, and the people I worked for, or with for sure. (Peter Beard, Helmut Newton, Mert & Marcus, Annie Lebowitz as inspirers. Richard Bailey as my mentor and guide. Mark Vassallo as a stylist who encouraged and gave me opportunities…)

6) As a creative person – who and what inspires you? / what are you creatively passionate about? / what do you love most about your work?

I’m inspired a lot by life, travel, meeting people, looking at art, movies and books. I love to create images that feel timeless and inspiring as well! I love to just see the process in which I go on to create the images, where I travel to, who I meet, who I work with and how it is printed or published.

7) What are some of the biggest challenges that you face today as a photographer and how have you had to adapt your business as a consequence, if at all?

I’d say that the digital age has allowed so many more people into the industry and also the financial downfall of the industry and world climate has seen the cheapening of the art form and the lack of quality all round.

People are shooting things they shouldn’t be, and clients are pushing us to shoot more and more at the cost of quality. To me it seems like a disposable industry now that is more geared in Australia towards an online catalogue more then anything. The art form is really dying here for me… So seeing that – I am looking at other markets and places to work as it doesn’t seem like a very supportive industry anymore.

I’m interested to see all the young photographers who are out there at the moment make it long enough to create more then just a cool website for themselves. i.e. buying a house, car, equipment and a life! haha.

8) What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

I love to travel, surf, do yoga and eat very clean food and meet different people. I’m interested in information and life more then ever so it’s interesting to see as I get older.

9) You’ve worked with many well known models, personalities/celebrities and clients over the years – who have been some of the more interesting that you’ve shot and worked with?

Hmm – Definitely an interesting one that. I’d say Lady Gaga was really interesting as she’s so humble and quiet, but so positive and great at her art for what she has to work with.

Joel Madden was awesome. I thought he would be hard, but he was a legend. Jermaine Clement as well – one of the funniest guys in the world but also the most intelligent and musically talented. As far as supermodels go, I love working with Catherine McNeil. She is like a cat. So cool and just a great mover…

10) What’s next for you? Any other interesting projects on the horizon/collaborations or future goals you are yet to achieve?

I’m moving to LA soon, as there’s so much more going on there and more interesting projects that I can be involved with. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m actually in LA right now and it’s very inspiring to see how much is going on here. I’ll be back in Aus for Xmas which I will enjoy, and then maybe Bali as I have some work to shoot up there as well. So I’m always moving around…

I’m shooting a documentary at the moment on a famous world champion surfer so I’m moving also into that field which is fun and I’m going to be working on some other projects that involve the movie world so that’s exciting.

I’m still enjoying shooting fashion, but I’m diversifying, as I get older!

Silvana Lovin – Model / Actor / Artist


Silvana Lovin is a highly sought after, vivacious, passionate model and up and coming actress from Melbourne, Australia.

Romanian born, Silvana’s exotic looks have gained her the reputation as the model that never takes a bad picture who is even more beautiful in person – both inside and out.

Most recently Silvana moved to San Diego in the States to further pursue her acting career and be closer to her new husband – Australian Tennis Champion, Mark Philippoussis.

Silvana is currently working on a few acting projects. She has recently been cast in The Muppets…Again Movie in Hollywood and shot for Wilfred The US TV Series alongside Elijah Wood and Jason Gann. She has also been cast in The Holcomb brother’s movie PINBALL; a Melbourne based crime drama, which is a bold
re-telling of Cain and Abel.

Dominating the most prestigious runways and magazines in major cities all over the world, Silvana has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Panama, Auckland, Singapore, Shanghai, London, Hong Kong and China.


Silvana has shot with some of the biggest names in Australian fashion including: J’Aton, Sass & Bide, Camilla and Marc, Scanlan & Theodore, Collette Dinnigan, Toni Maticevski, Lisa Ho, Allanah Hill, Bettina Liano, Josh Goot & International labels such as Oscar De La Renta, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Gucci, Hugo Boss & Chanel.

Definitely a go-getter, Silvana is currently working hard on her first art exhibition. As she points out below, painting is actually her first creative love. I can’t wait to see this other side of her career develop.

To check out some of Silvana’s artwork in the meantime visit her site:




Q & A:

1) You’ve had an interesting and blessed life for such a young woman. It’s been great to watch, and well deserved. You’ve had a successful modeling career and more recently have made some inroads into acting. Which creative pursuit is your biggest love and what has been your biggest success or career achievement so far?

My biggest love and creative pursuit is art. Not many people know this about me but I’ve been painting my whole life! I studied art as a young girl but for the main part of it I was self-taught. This is a career move I’ve only recently started pursuing. Until now I’ve worked as a full time model/actor.

My biggest career achievement so far would have to be shooting a campaign for Oscar Del La Renta in Panama as well as being cast in the Disney classic ‘The Muppets…Again’ movie.

2) You now live in the States with your new husband (a big congrats!) Give us a run down of your new life in the States. A week in the life of Silvana – and do you feel this has changed your creative path and goals? Tell me a bit about this new life experience.

I’m currently living in San Diego, which has a beautiful relaxed vibe to it. It’s a perfect lifestyle for an artist as there’s just so much beauty here. I’m constantly inspired.

I spend my days listening to music & painting as I’m working towards an art exhibition and have also recently started my own little boutique eco friendly greeting card business, which features my artwork. I’m also still modeling/acting. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!

3) How would you describe your particular creative style, and do you feel it has changed over the years as you’ve developed as an artist/creative person?

I’d describe my style as simple/classic/elegant. I tend to stick to the rule that less is always more.

4) You’ve recently been producing a bit of artwork – is this a new career path that we should expect to see more of in the coming years? Are you self-taught in this field? / give us a run down of your artistic style in regards to this creative medium.

I’ve recently picked up painting again, a passion that I’ve had since childhood. It’s my number one priority at the moment as I’m working towards my art exhibition. It’s in my veins so you can definitely expect to see a whole lot more of my work in the coming years. I’d describe my style as abstract with a childlike quality. A little like my personality!

5) What do you love most about your work? / What are the biggest challenges (and new opportunities) for you as a model and up and coming actress in LA?

I love the creative process that’s involved with any job I do. Whether it’s a photo shoot, or runway… It’s always inspiring to watch creative artists working together.

I think the biggest challenge I faced as a young model starting out in the industry was learning to embrace my individuality and to accept that I wasn’t conventional looking and make it work towards my advantage.

I’ve been so grateful to have had some amazing opportunities come up for me as a model/actor in LA starting off with shooting a campaign for Oscar Del La Renta, to a Wella Hair Campaign, to constant work for La Perla and Urban Outfitters. Most recently, being cast in the Disney Classic ‘The Muppets…Again’ movie and filming a part on ‘Wilfred’ the US TV Series. I’m also excited to say that NEXT Model Management as a model/actor/artist now represents me! Exciting times ahead!

6) Mark has recently launched a fashion label called Phlip Apparel. Do you have any creative input into his label as well/help him out with it? Can you give us a bit of a run down on the style and feel of the product and brand and where we it will be stocked.

PHLIP Apparel was officially launched in January this year and has come a long way since then. The label is stocked in some of the most prestigious stores in the US and is growing so quickly! We look forward to launching it in Australia in the near future. I’m so proud of Mark and what he’s achieved. I love being able to support him & love being a part of the creative process too. We’re a team! “PHLIP” is a luxury lifestyle brand designed & made in California. The products are just beautiful!!! I live in my T’s & sweatshirts!

7) What do you do in your down time? What are you creatively or ethically passionate about?

My downtime would include long walks along the beach, as it’s the perfect way to unwind. It also includes watching my favorite TV show: Shark Tank. I don’t watch much TV however I haven’t missed an episode of this show since I’ve started watching it! Its Marks favorite too.

I’m ethically passionate about recycling. I’m a huge advocate for preserving natural resources for future generations. Did you know that 1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt bulb for 3 hours? Or that 70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials? Every little bit counts!

8) Living in California must be a dream lifestyle. Do you see yourself coming back to Melbourne in the future to live, or are you guy’s there for the long haul do you think?

Living in California is definitely a dream lifestyle but Melbourne will always be home. We look forward to moving back there to live sometime in the future. Home is where your family is after all… For now, we’re just making the most of the opportunities we’ve been given here.

9) What’s next for you? Any other interesting projects on the horizon/collaborations or future goals you are yet to achieve?

More modeling mixed in with a little acting and a whole lot of painting. I’m currently working on my art exhibition so keep an eye/ear out for that! I’m also excited to say that I’ll be collaborating with a notebook company to have my artwork featured on their covers and where 5% of all profits will go to charity. I love being able to help in some way. I’ve also recently started my eco friendly greeting card business, which I mentioned earlier, featuring my artwork on the front. You’ll be able to purchase them all via my website at Lovinart. Life’s exciting!

Simon Upton – Photographer


I first came across Simon at the Australian Institute of Sport when I was there on a swimming training camp as a young teenager. Who knew that out professional paths would cross again 15 or so years later, this time with Simon as a fashion photographer and myself as an art director/producer.

Simon was accepted into the Australian Institute of Sport at the age of 16 and spent the years 1984-1992 representing Australia at swimming, where he went on to achieve great success both in Australia and at many competitions around the world. This career culminated in his participation at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

Towards the end of his swimming career Simon developed a passion for photography, which took him again overseas, firstly Europe, were he began working as a photographic assistant in several countries.

By 1996 Simon had moved to New York where he gained professional work with American and European magazines. After 5 years and several notable commissions, he moved back to Sydney directly after the events of September 11.

I’ve shot with Simon a few times over the years on advertising jobs for brands such as Gallaz, Dotti, Jeans West and Flamingo Sands… His work speaks for itself. Simon has a great eye for detail and also happens to be a relaxed, great guy who loves to surf, fish and travel in his spare time. He’s also a great dad to his boy’s.

In the last 10 years Simon has established himself as one of Australia and Asia’s top fashion and portrait photographers – his work featuring in leading magazines and advertising campaigns for BONDS, DAVENPORT, LOVABLE, MYER, JOCKEY, RIP CURL, OMEGA, JUST JEANS, PANTENE, L’ORÉAL, NIKON and other global brands.

Simon is known for his local and international celebrity portraiture – having photographed Christy Turlington, Renee Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, Milla Jovavich, Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria, Fergie, Hayden Christensen, Naomi Watts and many other instantly recognisable faces.

Check out some of Simon’s latest work at or follow him on instagram @simonuptonpics






Q & A:

1) At what age did you start as a professional photographer/did you always want to be a photographer/what do you think you would you be doing if you weren’t a photographer?

At 24 I started assisting a few well know photographers in Amsterdam, but had begun doing a few tests with a local model agency; I probably only assisted over a 1 year period, as was keen to begin my own work.

2) Did you study photography/or just learn on the job/teach yourself? Who were some of your greatest creative influences during this time?

I never studied it, though in high school I had a group of friends who were all pretty into it. I never really had creative influences in this early phase of my career, I was a young Australian in Europe, so everything I did inspired me, even though I had traveled already extensively as a competitive swimmer since the age of 14, having the freedom was something that was completely new, and this new found career path that seemed so fun and enjoyable. I love taking pictures, always have.

3) How would you describe your particular creative style, and do you feel it has changed over the years as you’ve grown as an artist?

My style of pictures has developed constantly and only the last few years I feel I have my distinctive look. My shoots are very non-stressful, I like everyone to have a good day, and show what they can do. I really think the collaboration is important, so getting a good team of people together for a job the key. I think you never stop learning about light and understanding it, and where the best light is is the key to my pictures. If you haven’t got it the picture won’t work.

4) What is your favorite subject matter to shoot? Do you have an all time favorite photo that you’ve shot? If so – what is it of/is there a story behind it?

I do enjoy working with celebrity’s. I find it a bit more challenging. These shoots are not just about how you work but also how you manage and communicate with people and in most instances in a very short time frame. This condensed, almost pressure cooker type atmosphere I sort of thrive in. Once you gain the trust then you are able to get that relaxed feel in your images, you are able to create images that are seen in some cases globally and garner much attention.

5) What do you love most about your job? What are the biggest challenges for you as a photographer?

I love everything about my job. There’s nothing I don’t like. An issue for me of late though has become the archiving of imagery. I’ve spent so much time compiling all my imagery of the years into a situation where I know where everything is and can be accessed. I’m probably 1/4 of where I’d like to be. Certainly the freedom of being a freelance photographer is something very important as it gives me very importantly the time with my family and in particular my 2 sons. The biggest challenge as a photographer is being able to stay at a top level. I’ve had to make plenty of decisions which I’ve felt have played a big part in this. You are only remembered by your last shoot, so everything you put out there needs to have your signature on it.


6) You’ve just finished work on your first book… How did this inspiration come about? How long did this project take? When and where and will it be available to buy? Is this the start of many books to come?

I just finished my 1st book which will be launched in Feb 2014. It’s a photographic book on the Australian RODEO scene, all shot reportage at some of the most iconic country rodeos in SA/VIC/QLD and NSW. I had been looking at doing a book for sometime, and when on a shoot in Narrandera in outback NSW I noticed at the pub one night all these crazy images of cowboys riding bulls. I got talking to the locals and they suggested I come back to check out there RODEO. Once I had been it was obvious this was what I’d been looking to do. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve met some great people along the way. I love this country and the more I see the more I want to explore. The people are what struck me the most, as the realness and down to earth nature of all the people I met really struck a chord with me. It will be sold online (details to come), as well as in some select book stores. It’s called TOUGH STOCK. I’d certainly like to think its the 1st of many. I mean I travel constantly and have a library of many different places/cultures and topics.

7) You’ve worked with many celebrities / amazing models over the years – who have been some of the more interesting that you’ve shot?

They have all been interesting. The people I have worked with and all very different. For me working with Cindy Crawford who I have worked with quite a few times now is always fun, as she trusts me so I can therefore present to her ideas such as the lady vs. vamp shoot I did. Working with someone who is so professional and good at what they do is inspiring and models these days cannot move and act the way those big names from the 80-’s do, which I guess is why so much of the imagery around the Linda/Christy/Naomi period is timeless.

8) As a creative person – who and what inspires you?

For me light inspires me. Being at the right place and time of day and seeing the imagery that happens so effortlessly. We all experience it, I just get to capture people in it with a camera. My kids are my biggest inspiration apart from that.

9) You’ve shot all around the world … What has been the best location you’ve shot at over the years?

Too many to name… Seychelles a definite, Africa for its scenery and wildlife, Rio de Janeiro for its vibe. But for me my fave location is BROOME, Western Australia. Such an amazing place and had some really special times there on holiday with my family through an indigenous elder who has become a good friend and has shown me many amazing things and shared a big part of there culture. It really is something we are special to have in Australia.

10) What next – any other interesting projects you’d like to plug/mention/tips for young punters!?

Right now I am working quite a lot with HARPERS BAZAAR. After several years away it’s finally great to be back shooting great fashion pictures. I’m constantly on the move and have good projects happening almost weekly. The MODEL CO advertising I just shot with Rosie HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY has just come out that we shot at Hayman Island and my new BAZAAR COVER of ANTM winner Melissa Juratowitchh came out today. Apart from that I am about to leave on a 17 day surf trip (been on one every year for 10 years) through Sumatra with 8 old mates. A break I feel invigorates my soul and keeps me fresh.

Letitia McLean – Friend of Mine

Maverick Overalls-07.10.13_REVOLVE-00768

Friend of Mine is a Melbourne / LA based fashion label – owned and operated by Letitia McLean and Teale Talbot.
(Tesh used to be my sales agent when I had my own fashion label – Flamingo Sands – and has been working in and around the fashion industry for around 15 years)

The FOM label has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and the product continues to get better and better. I personally love the stuff and always make a few purchases each season. It suits my style perfectly. It’s got a great mix of casual pieces, cheeky tees and sexy party frocks with some stand out leather must haves – all with a rock n roll edge.

The label has built somewhat of a celeb following with the likes of Erin Wasson and 4thandBleeker both being avid wearers.

As in most successful business partnerships – the best teams bring different, but complimentary strengths to the table. FOM is no exception. Whilst Tesh mostly bases herself from Australia taking care of sales and all things commercial business growth, Teale lives between Bali and LA and oversees much of the creative design and production elements of the label.

Tesh answered a few questions below so that any aspiring designers out there might get a better idea about the realities of the business side of things and commercial challenges that all designers and creative businesses face.

FOM has some exciting collaborations coming up – so watch this space…



Q & A:

1) Can you give us a bit of background on how you got to where you are today, and can you provide any tips to young people who are wanting to start their own fashion label?

Starting a fashion label, like any commercial enterprise is tough!! But in fashion there is the added curse of being cool, its a fickle business, balancing creative concepts with business ideas and customer needs – it requires adaptable individuals to really succeed. But if commercial success is not what you’re chasing, the Australian Fashion Industry is incredibly supportive of great ideas and designers.

2) Did you always want to be a fashion designer/have your own label?

As a sixteen year old, YES!! In my twenties I quickly learned the other, imperative aspects to the industry. Like any business, fashion takes all types, at a point I put my creativity aside and accepted I had the business acumen to really live my dream.

3) How would you both describe your creative (or personal) style or point of view, and do you feel this has changed over the years as you’ve grown as a designer/business person?

Style….. always a sticking point with me. I tend to take it all on and figure out what fits – years of representing other brands meant I’d try to fly the flag for their ‘style’ philosophy…. Then we launched ‘Friend of Mine; where I could really ensure there was a cutting edge brand for me, (and the me’s of my youth)

4) You’ve worked with many well known personalities/models over the years – what have been some of the more interesting collaborations that you’ve worked on, or people that you’ve worked with?

No doubt it’s rewarding to see someone notable wearing your clothes; Erin Wasson, Rumi, Phoebe Tonkin are some recent ambassadors. But I gain more satisfaction from the collaboration process – teaming up with Nasty Gal for an exclusive or a line for NZ retailer Superette. These retailers are true supporters of the Friend of Mine brand, their customers love it too – so when we can join forces it always comes together well.

With this approach in mind we developed an exclusive hand painted leather line for our own online store – arriving September. Artist Elbie from WA is hand painting each piece for our customers and the end garment is amazing, something you’d treasure in your wardrobe forever.

5) What is your idea of great design and good business?

Great design vs good business – They go hand in hand, in this day and age good design may not survive without good business. Designers need to flexible, reactive and adverse to the luxury of educational environments. The consumer is ever changing and unforgiving.

6) What motivates you to continue to do better?

Working in a great team, doing a job I’m passionate about. It’s mostly fun, sometimes stressful. This is my life, along with my husband and gorgeous kids – it’s what I do. Every day I analyze the way we’re doing it now, investigate alternatives and try to shake it up a bit – never sit still, as soon as something becomes a bit the norm – maybe it needs reviewing, question it at least.

7) What has been your most memorable or special moment to date in having the label – (successes, achievements, bloopers or otherwise)?

So many…. where to start. I have fond memories of our first US trip. We did NY, and well that was NY, but arrived in LA (it was Teale’s first time) and I think we both realized well this is the America where ‘Friend of Mine’ could take off – that required intense investigation, hilarious road trips and a few mojitos, but we survived and the brand is pretty well established in the US now with Teale living in West Hollywood.

8) As a creative person – who and what inspires you? / what are you creatively passionate about?

I’m creatively passionate, its a bit of an obsession and I apply it to every aspect of life – furnishing a space, drawing up the family blackboard, planning the calendar – is all visual for me. Right now I’m obsessed with interiors and can’t stay away from nearby Leonard Joel Auctions – it makes more sense to bid on something cool and old, than flat packed crap.

9) What’s next for you guy’s? Any other interesting projects on the horizon/future goals you are yet to achieve?

My husband Will is planning a food venture with Down Yonder Store, a driveway diner style out the back – Friend of Mine is showing at Coterie in New York next month….. Heaps, never a dull day – stay tuned @downyonderstore @madebyafriendofmine

Max May – Hair and Makeup Artist


Max May is one of Australia’s leading hair & makeup artists – working alongside notable clients such as Rose Byrne, Teresa Palmer, Abbie Cornish, Sarah Murdoch and Lara Bingle, whilst working on the covers & pages of fashion bibles HARPER’S BAZAAR Australia, Singapore and China, OYSTER, RUSSH Magazine, ELLE Japan, GRAZIA Australia, UK and Italy, and TEN Magazine.

Starting off as a Hair Stylist, Max soon moved in to working with Makeup due to his long-term love affair with drawing & painting. Taking cues from the techniques used in visual arts, along with the combination of colour palettes, Max soon moved up the ranks in the Beauty & Fashion Industry as the one to watch.

Although self-taught, Max’s intuitive sense of artistry and skill make him one of the most sought-after Australian Makeup artists, working along side such brands as La Mer, MAC, Becca Cosmetics and L’Oreal. And to top it all off Max is just a great guy and a lot of fun to be around!

Check out Max’s blog here:



Q & A:

1) Did you study H&M/or just learn on the job/teach yourself? Who were some of your greatest creative influences during this time? (photographers, references, peers or other)

I’m pretty much a self taught Hair & Makeup artist. I started my career assisting. It started with hair that came very naturally to me cutting friends hair through my early twenties. I started playing with makeup experimenting with colour and shading when I started assisting. I had many influences and was always looking through magazines and books to find inspiration and define myself and my style. Photographers like Steven Klein, Mert & Marcus, Avedon, and Helmut Newton were huge parts of my beginning and still today! Makeup artist like Charlotte Tilbury, Kevyn Aucoin and Pat McGrath inspire me on a daily bases.

2) What do you feel makes someone a great hair and make up artist?

Having a style that is recognized.

3) How would you describe your creative style/trademark look, and do you feel it has changed over the years as you’ve grown as an artist?

The part of my style that is mostly recognised would have to be my skin, conturing and use of warm bronzy gold colour and my beach wave “day after hair’! I think my style has expanded and grown a lot in the last few years especially since starting Maxmade my beauty blog where I have had the opportunity to experiment and create beauty images that would not be that accessible in the Australian market.

4) Do you prefer to work on shoots/events or on shows? Do you have an all time favorite photo, shoot or job that you’ve worked on? If so – what is it of/is there a story behind it?

Everyday is a completely different day to the last, you never know what to expect and the challenges are always new. I believe that you are only as good as your last job. I have had many moments in my time especially in my early days shooting with people like stylist – Mark Vassalo and photographers – Simon Lekias and Georges Antoni are some of my most memorable as I was so fresh and wide eyed.

5) What do you love most about your job?

Being creative and being surrounded by people that share similar visions.

6) Do you have any tricks of the trade or magic products that you cant’ live without in your kit? / never leave home without?

Eye lash curls I could not live or do a makeup without. YSL Radiant Touch, Tom Ford Contour and Illuminate, Becca Cosmetics Shimmering perfectors, O&M Seat Salt Spray, Elnett Hairspray and La Mer Lip Balm

7) As a creative person – who and what inspires you? / What are you passionate about? / What motivates you to be better?

The smallest of things in your day to day life can inspire you – from a movie to exhibition you may go and see. I’m motivated by the desire to always challenge myself. To push myself and take myself out of my comfort zone. I love that rush you feel; it makes me feel alive.

8) What do you enjoy to do in your down time when you’re not working?

I train at the gym, do yoga, run, travel, spend time with my friends and my boyfriend. I like to cook and I love to day-dream of what is possible.

9) What next – any other interesting projects on the horizon/future goals you are yet to achieve? (feel free to plug any new collaborations, your blog, products etc here)

Travel, love and my art is always my main focus. My blog Maxmade will be a huge part of the next few years for me. I started it late last year as an outlet for my creative juices and since then it has grown into a full-time job, reaching out to everyday girls wanting to learn & get inspired about hair and makeup, getting insider tips and tricks and finding out the hottest and all time faithful products on the market that artists like myself use as a hair and makeup professional in the fashion and beauty industry.