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About Nicky Rowsell

Nicky Rowsell Bio Portrait

I’ve had an interesting life and career to date and it’s certainly not over yet. In fact I sometimes feel like I’m just getting started.

I’ve decided to create my own personal blog where I can share my thoughts, interests and passions. Things and people that inspire me, and drive me to be better.

Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, and wisdom to share, and through this blog I will be featuring an array of my super talented friends and peers who have kindly shared a few of their experiences.

So what’s my story…

I studied Business Advertising/Marketing at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. After the first recession we had to have in the mid 90’s and not being able to get my foot in the door – I ended up working in the fitness industry for over 5 years. I had also gained qualifications in fitness, nutrition, strength conditioning /coaching at the same time as studying my marketing course; and having come from a competitive swimming background – I took to the fitness industry with ease. I started my own Personal Training Business by the time I was 20 and during that time, my clients consisted mainly of wealthy businessmen and their wives/partners. It was an interesting time and looking back now, I can see that my entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well from a young age.

Throughout my 20’s I traveled extensively and my fitness qualifications enabled me to work as a water sports instructor at Club Med in Phuket, Thailand, a Personal Trainer in London and as a snowboarding instructor in Aspen, Colorado in the USA. All great life experiences that were invaluable – and not to mention a lot of fun!

My first “professional” job in the career I had earnestly studied for was not until I was around 24, and this was through a friend giving me a break. I started as a Marketing Assistant for a well-known denim fashion company in Melbourne and the rest they say is history. I have been working in and around the fashion industry as a creative brand marketer ever since.

Over the years – I have worked in Senior Marketing Manager roles for other large fashion companies, set up my own business for close to 10 years working with most of Australia’s premiere fashion and youth brands as well as major clients across retail, FMCG, the motor vehicle, sporting, music, media and entertainment industries. I started a successful fashion swimwear label – stocking to some of the best fashion retail accounts and department stores both in Australia and overseas, and most recently have been working as Creative Director for a global surf/apparel company.

On a personal note – I have a love for fashion – particularly bikinis – (I’d like to think I don’t take the industry or myself too seriously though), art, photography, interiors and architecture, music, film, muscle and vintage cars, retro motorcycles and of course travel to exotic seaside locations… I gravitate towards anything creatively original, slightly kooky or left of centre, or indeed any object that is shiny or that comes in an animal print.

It must be said that I also find a lot of beauty in ordinary things.

I have been blessed in having worked with, and met some truly talented creative crew over the years. I am lucky to now be able to call many of these people my good friends. Through them I have enjoyed both amazing life moments, as well as career highlights, and through this blog I will try and share with you (and help to showcase) some of their work.

I still have a strong affinity for fitness, health and well-being. I don’t think these core values ever leave you, and they still play a large part of my every day life – whether it be making some time for exercise in my schedule, or just eating well.

As I get wiser (a smarter word choice than ‘older’ I think) – I am not alone in saying that I am on the pursuit of happiness. I’m not following my dreams – I am out there chasing them. I am also trying to live more in the present and enjoy the now. I haven’t mastered this just yet. I’m still learning.

So, with all of this said – I welcome you into a glimpse of my creative, and at times slightly crazy world. I hope that some of the things that inspire me, may also inspire you too.



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